Workshop Tool Kit (C)

£817.08 (£680.90 Ex. VAT)


Comprises combined roller cabinet chest (size 616 x 330 x 1080mm) with a selection of tools suitable for use in the workshop.

Additional information

Weight 51.210 kg

Contents:<br>•   2 x Adjustable wrenches<br>•   230V Fluorescent inspection lamp<br>•   230V Hammer drill<br>•   Bent nose long reach long nose plier<br>•   Circlip plier set<br>•   Cold chisel and punch set<br>•   Combination plier<br>•   Combination spanner set<br>•   Combined socket set<br>•   Crimping tool kit<br>•   Diagonal side cutter<br>•   Digital automotive analyser<br>•   Draper TX-STAR® security driver set<br>•   Drill and accessory kit<br>•   Feeler gauge set<br>•   Flat file and handle<br>•   Hacksaw<br>•   Hacksaw blades<br>•   Half round file and handle<br>•   Inspection mirror<br>•   Junior hacksaw<br>•   Junior hacksaw blades<br>•   Long reach long nose plier<br>•   Magnetic parts tray<br>•   Magnetic pick up tool<br>•   Measuring tape<br>•   Mechanic's bit set<br>•   Pack of latex gloves<br>•   Pocket multi-tool<br>•   Pry bar set<br>•   Radio plier<br>•   Riveter kit<br>•   Round file and handle<br>•   Rubber mallet<br>•   Screwdriver set<br>•   Self grip plier<br>•   Tinman's shears<br>•   Torque wrench<br>•   Trimming knife<br>•   Trimming knife blades<br>•   Waterpump plier<br>•   Wire scratch brush