Reversible Blade Screwdriver Set (Giving 20 Tip Sizes) (11 Piece)

£64.03 (£53.36 Ex. VAT)


Expert Quality, polypropylene soft grip handle with quick-release hexagon collet for holding double-ended hexagon screwdriver blades. Blades manufactured from S2 steel hardened and tempered with satin chrome finish and black phosphate ends. Display packed in blow mould case.

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Weight .814 kg

Contents:<br>•   polypropylene handle with 1/4 hexagon blade holder<br>•   plain slot reversible blade size: 4.5 and 6.5mm<br>•   cross slot reversible blade: No.1 and 2<br>•   PZ TYPE reversible blade: No.1 and 2<br>•   reversible blade 3mm hexagon x 4mm hexagon<br>•   reversible blade 5mm hexagon x 6mm hexagon<br>•   Draper TX-STAR® reversible blade: T6 x T7<br>•   Draper TX-STAR® reversible blade: T8 x T9<br>•   Draper TX-STAR® reversible blade: T10 x T15<br>•   Draper TX-STAR® reversible blade: T20 x T25<br>•   Draper TX-STAR® reversible blade: T30 x T40