Napoleon BBQ LE3 Steel – Ice Bucket & Infrared Rear/Side Burners

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The LE3 Gas Barbecue is made from high quality stainless steel, this grill isn?t only shiny but it?s built to last. Get the whole package with five stainless steel burners, an infrared rear burner for rotissing food ? use the optional tumble basket for some amazing rotisserie shrimp ? and you can even sear over high heat with the infrared side burner. This barbecue is great for letting out your inner chef, there?s even room to prep on the generous sized side shelves. When you?re done prepping, there?s an integrated ice bucket to help make entertaining even easier.


If you were to lift the lid on your new LE3 Gas Barbecue you?d notice the weight of the lid. This lid has double walled construction, which insulates the cooking grids and burners, turning your gas barbecue, perfect for searing over high heat, in to something that works just like an oven. That?s right, you can roast the perfect meal and bake anything from breads to cakes to cookies on this barbecue. Inside this barbecue you will also find Napoleon?s trademark Cast Iron Grids. Beneath them are stainless steel sear plates that spread the heat and vaporize drippings to provide extra flavor. A tapered, full width drip pan will catch what little isn?t vaporized, and guide it to the included, disposable drip tray. Both are removable for easy cleaning.

The LE3 boasts two infrared SIZZLE ZONE? burners, one in the rear for the rotisserie, and the other is a side burner, perfect for a quick small meal, searing a steak and even prepping sides and sauces. These burners heat to 1800?F in seconds because the fuel for your grill is forced out of small ports in the ceramic. The gas is burnt off quickly, making the ceramic glow red-hot. That glow is infrared heat that seals in the juices and creates the delicious barbecue flavor.


Fit up to 24 hamburgers on your LE3 Gas Barbecue. That?s enough to feed a small army! And while you?re cooking, the ice bucket serves as your drink station leaving you free to cook up a storm. Stylish knobs are backlit with blue LED lights so that you can entertain well past dark. You will never have to change the bulbs, they will last for over 30,000 hours. The LE3 provides everything needed for a spectacular outdoor cooking experience.

What?s In The Box:

Every LE3 Gas Barbecue comes with a fully assembled grill head. It comes with all the hardware side shelves, cart and a manual. Every grill comes in one box with the Cast Iron Grids, warming rack, included ice bucket and cutting board, a permanent drip tray and a disposable drip pan.


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